My name is Kiran Joy and I am a Senior consultant at Avanade. Currently I am part of REST Api integration team and help different front-end teams integrate with a variety of backend systems working primary on .Net Web api. At work I like to innovate on ELK (Elastic Logstash Kibana) stack with the aim of making debugging issues in development environments a bit easier. Before Avanade I was Sitecore developer for a digital agency.

Outside work my biggest technology passion is IOT (excluding the data analytics part). I am currently working on an Automated sprinkler system (painfully learning the fact that prototyping is easy and implementing it in real environment is hard) at home using ESP2866, MQTT and home assistant.

Outside technology I do enjoy wood working, a game of soccer or cricket or go camping or 4Wding if I can negotiate time with my 18 month daughter (so far it is pretty one sided as she always get what she wants).